What Is Personal Injury Law

For about 10 years out of my legal career, I practiced plaintiff’s personal injury law in addition to other areas of law after graduating from Georgetown law school. That meant not only auto accidents, but also medical negligence/malpractice, assault, and product liability cases. Here I explain what personal injury attorneys must focus on and give a few war stories of cases I handled. I also explain why I stopped taking personal injury cases after starting my own law practice.

Livestream Show with Personal Injury Lawyer Dominique Williams, telling us how to succeed as a personal injury attorney:

NOTE: all photos in this video are stock images and not photos of actual clients/attorneys or places where any of my cases occurred.

Please note that in some states like North Carolina, if someone is found to be contributorily negligent, s/he is barred from recovery. Other states have comparative negligence, so even if someone did something that contributed to his/her own injury, the plaintiff can still recover something from the defendant. Please consult an attorney licensed in your state for a proper assessment of your own case. Furthermore, my experiences were from years ago and only reflect my own personal encounters practicing plaintiff’s side personal injury law in Virginia and North Carolina.

Due to time limitations, I did not cover other difficult issues that may arise when you practice personal injury law– such as liens from medical providers, or the possibility that your client may reject a settlement offer that you think is reasonable, or even switch attorneys on you after you have paid for a lot of expenses on their case.

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-Judy the YouTube Lawyer
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